Refurbished NOV 3” Plunger

HPS has a Refurbished NOV 3” Plunger Diameter Quintiplex NAB Liquid End Running 275 RPM, Direct Drive via 500HP/1800 RPM 460VA Baldor Electric Motor via Lufkin Gear Reducer (6.486:1) Ratio, Skid Mounted, Capable of 10K BPD @ 3150PSI Max Ready for Immediate Sale. We have a complete spare set of fluid end modules as well as a spare crankshaft. With spares included, Price=$270,000. Skid mounted unit without Spares, Price= $205,000 USD. HPS Can Also Offer: VSD, Pulsation Bottles and Installation and Startup Services. HPS Can Accommodate Changes to Plungers and Packing to Meet Alternative Desired Performance Parameters, if Needed.

Contact us at: O: 903-234-8936

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